I am a CIM qualified consultant with fifteen years’ experience of creating & executing impactful communications, brand & community strategies.

Specialising in the property and destination sector, I write and execute communications, community engagement, placemaking & brand strategies. Over the past decade, I have helped to transform landmark developments including Chiswick Park, Spinningfields and First Street and have created animation strategies for many developments that are in their infancy.

I am a member of The Placemaking Leadership Council, sit on the board of The Chester Growth Partnership, have been noted as one of the top Disruptors of the Property Industry by North West Insider and have been recognised as a Northern Power Woman for my work in the property industry.



I am a CIM qualified communications, brand and community consultant with considerable experience of developing complex communication, brand, PR and placemaking strategies to help property owners to realise maximum value from their asset.

I have previously set up placemaking divisions for developers, owners and landlords looking to animate their assets and in past roles have been instrumental in the development of Chiswick Park, Spinningfields and First Street.

My PR strategies have accumulated hundreds of thousands of pounds for clients and highlights have included securing a national television documentary centred around Fort Dunlop and positioning Chrisp Street as an emerging and healthy destination.

Projects delivered for clients have achieved multiple awards including ‘Best UK Event’, ‘Most Unusual Venue’, ‘Healthiest Workplace in the UK’, ‘Top 100 Best Workplaces in the UK’ and ‘Best Multinational Workplace in Europe’.

I am passionate about brands and have worked with companies and agencies to create brands from scratch, helped companies with their overall branding and have developed sub-brands.

Prior to specialising in property, I spent 5 years working in marketing and communications roles for the media and not-for-profit businesses, so I have a good understanding of different sectors.

For a full CV, please see my LinkedIn profile.


Communications, PR audit & strategies

Are you unsure whether your website, brochure and social media are working hard enough? Is your PR a little thin on the ground? Or are you expanding or going through a period of change? If you are looking to make an impact and ensure your business gets noticed for the right reasons, I’ll be able to help.

Transforming developments into thriving communities

I have spent the last 10 years helping property developers to turn estates into thriving destinations. Assets I have worked on include Chiswick Park, St. John’s, Spinningfields and First Street. If you want a joined-up placemaking strategy that will help you to capture loyalty, footfall, dwell time and revenue, whilst attracting and retaining tenants, then please give me a call for an informal chat.

Brand vision & impact

Your brand is your first chance to make an impression. People make snapshot judgements on whether your company is credible, dynamic or enticing from your brand and its application. I can help you to achieve consistency and power from your existing brand or if it isn’t working, I can help you to rebrand, ensuring that your brand perfectly reflects your business.

Copywriting, editing & proofing

Writing, editing and proofing have been major components of my roles over the last 15 years. I have written brochures, website copy, client reports and press releases, edited books and proofread more documents than I care to remember. I have also secured numerous national awards for previous companies. If you need help with a one-off project, an award submission or ongoing work, just let me know.

Internal communication & engagement strategy

Are you struggling with your internal communication or perhaps have motivational issues in the team? I have been heavily involved in securing Best Workplace status for two different companies and will be able to create an engagement programme that gets your people talking and working better.

Change management

A key part of any business change is strong internal and external communication. I have helped businesses transform from single client to multi-client and from local presence to national presence. If your business is about to shift direction or tempo, I can create and execute a strategy to get you through this tricky process.


If you haven’t worked with a communications consultant before, here are just a few things that I can bring to the table:

  • 15 years of CIM certified communications knowledge
  • Long-standing property expertise after transforming some of the most significant developments of the past decade
  • A fresh, independent and objective view of things
  • A black book brimming with contacts
  • A great work ethic

And a few extra benefits to you:

  • Pace and focus – I will work on your business, while your team works in it
  • Provide external evidence and confidence for a change or imminent action
  • No ongoing costs or responsibility for an additional member of staff